From 1967
Manufacturing technology

Since its founding in 1967,
we have accumulated manufacturing technology in the focus of manufacturing watch parts.

Still, at the time of the heyday of European watches, Japanese watch parts manufacturing factories continued to develop new technologies, new materials, new mechanisms, new designs with Japanese watch makers in order to catch up with and overtake the world standard, and refined to high manufacturing ability.
 I have repeated.

That step has not stopped, and is still being utilized in the production and manufacture of original watches.

A wristwatch is a small item on the wrist, but its small world is made up of so many technologies.
 A watch of good quality and finish can only be achieved by paying attention to every corner of each of these parts.


One by one, by human handsbr
The clock produced

Once the design is decided, we will work hard to create the model, verify that it is a reasonable manufacturing method, and finish all mass production with the same quality.
A watch is a complete assembly of each part.
 Each of these parts is not made in one manufacturing factory alone, but is made through the hands of many people in many factories.
Each part is designed and designed one by one, and it is left to the parts manufacturer.

 There are several ways to make metal. Watch parts are manufactured and manufactured using this processing method in the right place.